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2.00″ Elite Series Paradox Performance Muffler

Paradox Performance Exhaust

  • $99.00

Get aggression when you want it, and peace of mind when you don't. Hear the growl of your engine when you start it, rev it, and cruise. Enjoy a soothing, pleasant undertone on the highway. All the tone, without annoying drone… Over-Built in the USA.

The Elite Series has a heavy gauge stainless case with necks that are literally seamless for longevity, and come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Get yours NOW!…

Universal Paradox Performance Mufflers are designed for easy installation on just about any vehicle. Experience the unreal sound and flow of Paradox in a compact stainless steel case. Our universal 2.00″ mufflers are designed to accept standard 2.00″ diameter pipe.

NOTE: Due to their ultra heavy duty construction, “Elite Series” Paradox necks are non-expandable.


Inlet/Outlet Diameter: 2.00″ ID (inside diameter)
Case Diameter: 4″
Case Length: 14″
Overall Length: 19″

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