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2.25″ Signature Series Paradox Performance Muffler

2.25″ Signature Series Paradox Performance Muffler

Paradox Performance Exhaust

  • $86.00

Get aggression when you want it, and peace of mind when you don’t. Hear the growl of your engine when you start it, rev it, and cruise. Enjoy a soothing, pleasant undertone on the highway. All the tone, without annoying drone… Over-Built in the USA.

The Paradox Signature Series delivers highly similar sound to our Elite Series, but at a more budget-friendly price. Get fantastic, complex, and aggressive tone when cruising, that becomes calm and pleasant at highway speeds.

Universal Paradox Performance Mufflers are designed for easy installation on just about any vehicle. Our 2.25″ mufflers are designed to accept standard 2.25″ diameter pipe.


Inlet/Outlet Diameter: 2.25″ ID (inside diameter)
Case Diameter: 4″
Case Length: 14″
Overall Length: 19″

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