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Quantum 340LPH Intank Fuel Pump - 1994-2001 Acura Integra

Quantum Fuel System

  • $85.98


  • Correct strainer shape and orientation ensures the pump does not suck air, fuel tank or cell can be run to empty just like an OEM pump.

  • Wiring pigtail designed to handle increased amperage draw of the 340LPH fuel pump, unlike competitors' wiring which includes thin/ unsafe 20 gauge pigtail.

  • GM/ Subaru/ Honda plug and play wiring harnesses available and included with pumps.  More being developed continuously.

  • Corrugated E85 compatible flex hoses included for BMW, custom, and GM kits.

  • Serialized fuel pump body guarantees warranty.

  • Flowtested by RC Engineering, the nationwide experts in fuel pump and injector flowtesting.


  • Four different inlet configurations depending on application; 22mm (3/4") center inlet (QFS-340FT) 11mm (0.433") offset inlet (QFS-341FT), 11mm (0.433") parallel inlet (QFS-342FT), 19mm (0.748") offset GM inlet (QFS-343FT)

  • 8mm (0.315") outlet w/ barb, 38mm (1.540") pump body diameter

  • Coating: corrosion resistant black plated steel w/ laser etched serial number.

  • Bypass valve (PRV valve) set at 125.8psi, significantly higher than both Walbro GSS series 255LPH pumps, and Walbro 400/ 450LPH pumps, a distinct advantage for turbocharged and supercharged applications

  • Intank/ submersible design, cannot be used outside of tank

  • May be used with return or returnless fuel systems, including PWM (pulse modulated systems)

  • Designed for gasoline or E85, although E85 may shorten lifespan.

  • Integrated check valve built into fuel pump outlet.

  • Lifetime warranty!  Quantum has built its reputation on providing a lifetime warranty for all its OEM and performance fuel pumps

Current Draw:

  • 11.8 amps @ 43.5PSI (13.5VDC)

  • 12.8 amps @ 58.0PSI (13.5VDC)

  • 14.4 amps @ 80.0PSI (13.5VDC)

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