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Clutch Masters K Series STEEL FLYWHEEL: FW-037-SF

Clutch Masters K Series STEEL FLYWHEEL: FW-037-SF

Clutch Masters

  • $301.50

The Clutchmaster "FW-037-SF" Lightweight Steel Flywheel for K-Series applications (see below fitment options). This 4140 Billet Steel flywheel is built to be lightweight while strong enough to handle power and abuse for many years of operation. A lightweight flywheel gives the car the ability to rev up and down faster, your car will be able to accelerate faster in lower gears and thus be able to accelerate faster due to the freed up weight. They also will allow less strain on the crank and transmission due to their lighter weight and less parasitic drag. On turbo applications you can also reduce boost lag. The steel model is SFI certified and can be resurfaced, the aluminum version has a replaceable face but are more used towards race vehicles who need every last ounce of power. The Steel flywheels end up being more durable due to the strength of the steel vs aluminum.

Overview: Billet Steel SFI Certified Limited Lifetime Warranty Quicker Rev up & down Faster Acceleration Reduced Turbo Lag

02-06 RSX Base & Type-S 
06-11 Honda Civic Si 
12-15 Honda Civic Si (flashpro required)
12-13 Honda Accord (6-Speed)
09-13 Acura TSX (6-Speed)
13-14 Acura ILX (6-Speed)

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