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Ferrea Bronze Exhaust Valve Guides VG1000 B18C1 B16A2 B17A1 H22A VG1000

Ferrea Bronze Intake Valve Guides VG1002 B18C1 B16A2 B17A1 H22A

Ferrea Racing Components

  • $37.76

Sport Compact Valve Guides For Honda

Brand Name: FERREA

Part Number: VG1002


Ferrea proudly introduces a new high quality copper-bronze blended alloy valve guide. We developed these valve guides with proprietary heat treatment processes allowing for greater heat dissipation, heat resistance, and lubricity properties for the next generation of high performance race engines. All our valves guides are CNC precision machined to exact tolerances. They are ideal for intake and exhaust applications and are compatible with titanium and stainless steel valves.

Specifications: Intake Standard Size.
Use Ferrea Valve Seal Part# VS1003

Quantity: 8

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