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Finishing Lines EF/DA Staging Brake Line Kit

Finishing Lines EF/DA Staging Brake Line Kit

Finishing Lines

  • $174.99

This kit is for use with Staging brakes that have their own reservoir for rear brakes on the staging brake lever only. This kit is desgned for the staging brake to be mounted directly next to the shfter area of the center console. It will work with any staging brake that uses an 1/8" NPT single outlet and has its own reservoir (i.e. CNC 402 style).

The design starts with one line off the staging brake that runs under your center console area. It tees out to two lines that will run through the factory ebrake cable grommets in the chassis. The two lines continue to follow the factory ebrake cable routing and end where the factory chassis mounted hard lines connect to the flexible factory caliper hoses.

Includes all lines, adapters and fittings needed to connect to your staging brake and rear brake hoses.

Comes in your choice of color combo like all other Finishing Lines products!

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