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Finishing Lines Rear Caliper Hose Kit for FCS Trailing Arms (EG/DC/EK)

Finishing Lines Rear Caliper Hose Kit for FCS Trailing Arms (EG/DC/EK)

Finishing Lines

  • $87.49

The competitive world of FWD drag racing has led to many innovative products in the past years. One product growing in popularity are tubular rear trailing arm kits that allow for weight reduction, wheelbase extension and decreased rolling resistance. These popular kits made by FCS and other manufacturers for the EG/DC/EK Civic and Integra chassis often do not include a set of rear caliper hoses with their kits. The aftermarket rear calipers included with these trailing arm kits have an 1/8" NPT inlet port that are not compatible with factory or other aftermarket replacement caliper hose sets that use a banjo fitting.

Finishing Lines has always been about creating solutions to current market needs. We are a part of the race community that benefits from new products just the same as you are! It is for this reason we have designed a rear caliper hose kit to work with these aftermarket trailing arm setups! Each kit inludes two rear caliper hoses that secure to the factory vehicle body mounts and two 1/8" NPT adapter fittings that mate to your aftermarket calipers. 

As with all Finishing Lines brake line kits these are available in a wide array of color combinations to match your build's color scheme.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipment of all orders as each set is made to order for your specific color combo requested.

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