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Fuel Pump Inlet Adapter Kit

Radium Engineering

  • $89.95

Click Here to download installation instructions (PDF).

The fuel pump inlet adapter kit is split into two parts; the fuel pump inlet adapter and the fuel tank pickup.

The materials in these products are compliant and safe to be used in all gas types including alcohol fuels such as ethanol and E85. Installation instructions are included. 


The 20-0145 Fuel Pump Inlet Adapter is used for remote mounting a fuel filter inside a fuel tank or fuel cell. It should NOT be used as a secondary external inline fuel pump. It uses an anodized billet aluminum adapter that secures to the pump inlet with a star washer and a unique preloaded stainless steel bracket design. The billet adapter uses a machined barbed nipple and features an integrated O-ring for sealing. The hose barb fitting is designed for 5/16" (8mm) ID hose. The fuel pump inlet adapter is compatible with the gear-rotor style pumps only, including: 

-Walbro GSS341 255LPH Fuel Pump
-Walbro GSS342 255LPH Fuel Pump

There are many other gear-rotor pumps that can be used (not listed) that use this same inlet design.

NOTE: Turbine style pumps cannot prime unless the bottom of them is submerged in fuel. This makes a remote pickup not practical for these types of pumps. Therefore, Radium does not recommend installing this device on turbine impeller style pumps such as: Walbro F9000262, F9000267, F9000273, F9000274 as well as AEM 50-1000, 50-1200, etc.



The 20-0154 Fuel Tank Pickup Kit was designed to work in conjunction with the 20-0145 Fuel Pump Inlet Adapter for when an internal pump is mounted above the fluid level of the fuel tank or fuel cell. Included is a 2-1/4" OD x 1-1/2" tall mesh fuel filter with a barb adapter that is placed at the bottom of the tank. It features a 149 micron filter made from 304 stainless steel. This kit is extensively used with the Radium FCST when using a deep fuel cell. Two different pickup tubes are included and are used depending on the depth needed: 6" long PTFE rigid tube and 13" long convoluted PTFE tube (shown).

To protect the pickup from fuel slosh, strategically locate the mesh fuel filter in the tank or preferably place it in this Radium Collector Box if fuel starvation is an issue.

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