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Full Race 92-01 Civic Integra EG / EK / DC Pro-AM DRAG Traction Bar

Full Race 92-01 Civic Integra EG / EK / DC Pro-AM DRAG Traction Bar

Full Race

  • $389.00

Full-Race Pro-AM DRAG traction bars use a heavy steel crossmember for hardcore drag racing specific weight bias. This increases front wheel traction by weighting the very front of the vehicle, optimizing CG and improving drag launches. Designed specifically for the 92-00 Honda Civic and 94-01 Acura DC Integra chassis, these traction bars will replace the heavy steel/rubber front crossmember and provides ample room for a proper header or turbo kit. This part is a must for drag-strip racers seeking to increase traction, lower 60 ft times, and eliminate wheel hop.

Full-Race’s ProAm style traction bar system incorporates a solid front motor mount. This motor mount prevents unwanted motor and transmission movement that is commonly seen on a high output vehicle. Engine vibrations will be increased somewhat with this type of motor mount. However, this mount can be easily removed in a few minutes with a basic set of hand tools. Simply install the mount when need be and remove it when it is not desired.

Full-Race recommends using the traction bars to gently pull the LCA towards the front of the car, just 1 or 2 turns. This allows a slight increase in caster, even from Left to Right

Install Photos:


  • ’92-’00 Civic with Honda B-Series motor
  • ’94-’01 Integra with Honda B-Series motor

Application Notes:

  • B-Series ProAm bars in EG/EK/DC only fit with 1/2 sized radiators.

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