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Full Race 92-01 Civic Integra EG / EK / DC ProStreet Traction Bar

Full Race 92-01 Civic Integra EG / EK / DC ProStreet Traction Bar

Full Race

  • $279.00

Full-Race ProStreet traction bars are the original and still the best. Designed for road or drag race cars, this part is a must for every driver seeking to increase traction, lower 60 ft times, and eliminate wheel hop. Hand fabricated in-house at Full-Race, this is the first product we ever made – and remains one of our top selling to this day.

Key engineered features include:

  • Bolt on installation, no welding required.
  • Will accommodate large downpipes and or headers.
  • Designed with PERFECT suspension geometry, will not cause binding.
  • Aluminum knurled radius arms allow for quick and easy caster adjustment.
  • DOM crossbar is hand fabricated and precision welded.
  • Full-Race Traction bars are CAD designed. They are engineered with a factor of safety (FOS) of 3.2, meaning they are 3.2 times stronger than they need to be.

Full-Race recommends using the traction bars to gently pull the LCA towards the front of the car, just 1 or 2 turns. This allows a slight increase in caster, even from Left to Right.

Click here to view the ProStreet Traction Bars installed.

Click here to view the documentation of ProStreet Traction Bar design.

Full-Race uses the latest CAD software to aid in the design process. FEA testing is also performed on each part ensuring a high factor of safety. Click on thumbnails for full size pictures of CAD design.

honda-acura-prostreet-traction-bar-content-1 honda-acura-prostreet-traction-bar-content-2 honda-acura-prostreet-traction-bar-content-3

This picture shows how the DC/EG/EK traction bar clevis MUST be mounted in line and level with the lower control arm.

honda-acura-k-series-proam-traction-bar-content-1 honda-acura-k-series-proam-traction-bar-content-2 honda-acura-k-series-proam-traction-bar-content-3

DO NOT mount the clevis perpendicular to the control arm (like this), or any orientation other than in line and level with the lower control arm.


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