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Karcepts, Inc.

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These Japanese manufactured Koyo Seiko wheel bearings are the same bearings Honda has provided for years in their own packaging. Stop paying retail Honda prices when you can get the same high quality bearings for much less.
These bearings are a basic necessity when upgrading to our Karcepts 36mm Swap Hubs. As instructed in any Honda/Acura service publication, always use new wheel bearings for any hub replacement. The sole reason for this is due to the damaging side loads placed on wheel bearings during old hub removal.
Make certain when installing new wheel bearings that you perform the following (or you WILL destroy your brand new bearings):
- Support only the outer race of the bearing when pressing a new bearing into the knuckle.
- Support only the inner race of the bearing when pressing a hub into a new bearing.
Use KOYO38EF with Karcepts KWH03 Hubs, or to replace Honda bearing P/N: 44300-SB2-963, 44300-SB2-965, or 44300-SB2-966.
Use KOYO38EGEK with Karcepts KWH01 Hubs, or to replace Honda bearing P/N: 44300-S04-008.
Use KOYO43 with Karcepts KWH02, KWH05, KWH06, and KWH07 Hubs, or to replace Honda/Acura bearing P/N: 44300-S5A-004 or 44300-S5A-008.
We do not stock bearings for KWH04 or KWH08 hubs at this time.
Price is for a pair of bearings.

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