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Motion Control Suspension 2WNR Honda Prelude 4th & 5th Generation

Motion Control Suspension

  • $3,350.00

The MCS 2WNR damper is a double-adjustable damper with a unique adjustment mechanism for easy access and fast changes. Both compression and rebound damping forces are independently adjustable from one very clever knob, within easy reach under your hood or in your trunk. No more dragging a jack to pit lane, laying on the ground in your nice clothes or driving suit, or burns from hot brake components.

Damping forces are controlled by blow-off valves directly on the main piston for the most precise and accurate damping control, and not a needle valve with a smaller effective adjustment range before the needle is too far out of the orifice to influence flow.

These dampers are packed with technical features but with an elegantly clean execution. The monotube design is very stable with more oil capacity and better heat dissipation than twin tube dampers. Large shafts give extremely high, low-friction side-load support unmatched by shocks inverted and converted for strut applications. The large main piston gives quick, accurate damper response and the divider piston separates oil and gas, eliminating cavitation which often causes noise and sloppiness.

The MCS 2WNR damper system rings tremendous value and capability in a clean, easy to install and use package; and for these very reasons, was chosen to be used for for the NASA Spec NP01 racing series, Porsche Club Racing SP996 series, and Porsche Club Racing SP997 series.


The MCS 2WNR damper is a double-adjustable damper with an adjustment range of 14 clicks of compression and 18 settings of rebound. The 2WNR damper uses a system unique to MCS that allows the packaging of both compression and rebound control inside the damper body inside the main piston without the need for external reservoirs, and also allows both adjustments to be made with a single knob, independently.

Application specific valving covers a wide range of spring rates and eliminates the need to constantly revalve every time you want to increase or decrease your spring rate. MCS has engineered its adjustment mechanisms so each click can be felt, but never feels like you’ve gone too far.

14 Clicks of Compression Adjustment

Compression damping is easily adjusted on the 2WNR damper when the knob is in the “up” or “C” position. With 14 clicks of compression adjustment, the user can easily introduce more platform to the vehicle to make better use of their mechanical contact patch, resulting in faster lap times.

18 Clicks of Rebound Adjustment

Rebound damping is easily adjusted when the knob is in the “down” or “R” position. With 18 clicks of rebound adjustment, the user can easily introduce more spring control or change the balance of the car.

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