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REVLINE Race Spec K-Series Shifter Spring Kit

REVLINE Race Spec K-Series Shifter Spring Kit


  • $35.99

Want to get a better feel on your shifter?

Brand new K Series shift lever springs.

Made for better shifting and takes slop out of side to side movement. 

Stiffer than stock shift lever springs and exceeds OEM specifications.

These springs are zinc plated to help protect against corrosion.

Installation is very simple and can be done with the transmission in the car. Simply remove the shift mechanism from the top of the transmission, one hex head (#8) interlock bolt and four 10mm bolts (#27 & #28), remove the shift piece and interlock assembly retained with a single 12mm bolt, and remove the factory springs (#10 & #11) and replace them with our new springs.

Reassemble and re-install the shift mechanism.

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