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Wiseco K634M865 Piston Kit - K24 w/ K20 Cylinder Head +5cc (12.5:1 Compression)

Wiseco K634M865 Piston Kit - K24 w/ K20 Cylinder Head +5cc (12.5:1 Compression)

Wiseco Pistons

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Wiseco K634M865 Piston Kit - Honda K24 w/ K20 Cylinder Head +5cc (Comp Ratio 12.5:1)

Acura / Honda K20 RSX-S 2002-2006

Always check piston to valve clearance
If using VTEC or like mechanisms - check with longer duration higher lift lobe
Always run at least .030" piston to head clearance including gasket thickness
If piston appears to be different than expected call to verify compatibility

Also applicable to Acura / Honda K24 & K24 (w/ K20 Cylinder Head)

Most Wiseco Pistons have an offset pin. Pins must be offset same as OEM for quietest operation. Optional pin upgrade available.

Product Specifications:

Bore Size: 86.50 / 3.405
Oversizes: .020
Stroke: 3.286 / 86
Rod Length: 5.472 / 139
Comp Height: 1.181 / 30
Head cc's: 50.5
Dome Dish: 5
Gasket Thickness: 0.025 / 0.630
Deck Clearance: 0.001- / 0.025-
Block Height: 8.347 / 212
Comp Ratio: 11.08
Pins (included): S618 (22mm)
Ring (included): 8650XX

Wiseco Pistons - Sport Compact Series: Wiseco is world renowned for their work building race winning pistons for compact engines featuring small bores multi-valves and high RPM applications for many years. Wiseco utilizes experience acquired from a diverse background of the most sophisticated engines in such venues as Formula 1 Indy Car Racing NHRA Pro Stock Bike AMA Superbike and AMA Motocross to design and manufacture the highest technology Sport Compact piston available.

Generous Valve Pocket designs that allow maximum flow around valve. Note: Piston to
valve clearance must be checked.
Piston Crown shapes designed to promote maximum Intake Charge efficiency thru
scavenging mixture “Cross Flow" during intake and exhaust valve overlap.
Pistons designed to optimize squish or quench during compression combustion cycle
event resulting in resistance to detonation and pre-ignition.
Complex Piston skirt profiles that reduce power robbing friction yet promote stability in
bore for optimum ring seal.
Precision machined ring grooves with proper orifice / accumulator volume using calculated
groove root diameters and axial widths featuring excellent surface finish and flatness
providing maximum ring seal and minimizes blow-by and oil consumption.
World class forging facility that utilizes the latest technologies featuring complex forged
shapes advanced materials and featured-aligned grain flow technology.
Piston weights listed may vary. All specs based on U.S. engine codes unless noted.
All Sport Compact pistons sold complete with rings pins and clips.

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